Lower Elementary Grade 2

Tarbiyah Learning is proud to offer a lower elementary program for 2017/2018, one which fosters a positive learning environment for our children.

Tuition: $465/month


  • One hour of daily Quran memorization and Islamic studies.
  • High standards of Islamic ethics and conduct, demonstrating values which reflect principle-centered leadership.
  • Hands on learning environment
  • Engaging lessons
  • Caring educators
  • Multi-leveled classroom environment


The Lower Elementary program is for children entering grade 2. Tarbiyah Learning uses the Ontario curriculum as a guide to teach the core subjects which are necessary for the students to excel from grade to grade. Each child is given the ability to progress at their own rate, oftentimes resulting in early completion of their grade level. With a class of ranging ages, it is easy for children to progress and show their leadership qualities which stems from their innate love of learning.

Tarbiyah Learning believes in providing quality education to students of keen desire. With a focus on individual attention, Tarbiyah Learning works hard in providing an adequate ‘student to teacher’ ratio for each of it’s programs. All programs have a limited number of enrollments each year. Click here to find out more about our exact application procedure.


Below is the current schedule of the lower elementary program