Tarbiyah Learning Network

Tarbiyah Learning was established by a group of like-minded parents and educators that wanted more than just the standard North American education that the west has to offer. Our network consists of educators in the Ottawa community and beyond that prefer to think outside of the “Ontario Curriculum” box in order to provide the very best for our children; teaching a curriculum with every child in mind. We believe that by working together through a network of dedicated individuals, education for our children could go a long way and our kids could reach their highest potential with the proper tools and confidence they need!

We are strong advocates of learning and strive not to adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach to education. For this reason, we like to network with people who are passionate about education. From time to time, we seek advice from them, ask for their assistance in activities and network with them occasionally if they are involved in educational projects of their own. This helps our students gain social opportunities and allows our school to improve itself continuously.