Our School

Tarbiyah Learning follows a unique learning schedule, placing the Quran as the top priority and integrating all other subjects directly with what the Quran teaches. Using the Ontario Curriculum, Tarbiyah Learning allows each student to excel without restricting them to a grade level of their age group. All students are given the opportunity to advance according to their abilities, with an emphasis on mastering the material before progressing forward.


  • Mastery of the Ontario Cirriculum
  • Learning in groups & individually
  • Daily Quran Memorization with Tajweed
  • Languages including French and Arabic
  • Dynamic extra-curriculur activities
  • Learning through exploration and self-motivated research


Tarbiyah Learning is an innovative schooling system that provides a complete, multi-level learning program for its students. It’s designed for parents who are looking for an alternative to mainstream education in North America. Tarbiyah Learning offers a very unique method of education; classes are smaller in number, allowing for more individual attention with each student.

Tarbiyah Learning started in 2011 as an all girls homeschooling group with nine full-time students from grades 1-4. In 2012, a seperate boys sector was opened. Currently, alhamdulillah, Tarbiyah has grown to 70 students and has an overwhelming demand from the community of Ottawa to expand further.