Our Philosophy

Tarbiyah Learning is an innovative schooling system that provides a complete, multi-level learning program for children. It is designed for parents who are looking for an alternative to mainstream education in North America. It is well known that one of the biggest challenges for Muslim parents in the West is choosing the right educational institute for their children; one which teaches the fundamentals of the religion as well as combines the secular sciences required for success in their future. With the prime focus centered on the Quran and its sciences, Tarbiyah Learning provides a unique approach in teaching the Ontario Curriculum, while supplementing it with the Islamic perspective and outlook. We believe that this teaching method will serve as the ideal solution for Muslim families in the West, who desire a stronger foundation of Islam for their children without sacrificing the necessary components of secular education.

Tarbiyah Learning believes that the best method of educating a child is to have like-minded parents, with similar academic and Islamic goals for their children, come together and form a network of educators in which their children learn together, in one setting. These are the exact principles which make up the vision and methodology of Tarbiyah Learning; which has now reached its goal in becoming an Ontario private school with a homeschooling philosophy.