Registration for School Year 2018-2019

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Tarbiyah Learning Academy Registration for New Students (2018/2019)

Please use this form to register your child for the upcoming (2018/2019) academic year.Please use a separate form for each child you are registering.

Note that parents with 3 or more children, will pay full tuition for the first 2 children and 80% tuition for the any subsequent children.

Also note that all new applicants will be required to provide a copy of their most recent report card and also pass an entry test (grades 1 to 8) in order to complete the registration process. We will contact you after receiving your application to book a day/time for the entry test.JazakumAllahu khairun.

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I understand that I will have to pay a non-refundable $65 application fee at the time of registration. *Please note that registration will not be complete until the $65 application fee has been received. *Further note that there is a $350 resource fee per student which is to be paid by July 31, 2018 and becomes non-refundable after this date. *

Pay Registration Fee

Please 'Add to Cart' for each student separately providing their names in field below.(Please do not increment Qty field in PayPal cart)

Fees per Student:

Please note that if you pay by e-transfer, the security question must be "Who is this registration fee for?" and the answer must be "Tarbiyah"

Thank you for registering!