I initially was somewhat apprehensive to enroll my daughter in Tarbiyah because I knew that she needed extra help and hands on engagement in order to maximize her learning. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for the progress that she has made at Tarbiyah. I love her teacher’s sincere and caring approach to learning. She is always excited and willing to use various teaching strategies to ensure her students’ success. The class sizes are small, making this possible and giving the teachers more time to spend with each student. Although it is a small school, the benefits are huge!

I am very happy and pleased with the education that my children are recieving at Tarbiyah. As a student in the Bachelor of Education program I see the difference in the level of commitment and dedication that Tarbiyah teachers and staff put forward. The school is like a family with all members caring and ensuring success of those involved. I love the Islamic and Quran education that is incorporated into the lives of the students attending. I would recommend this school to those who are seeking a well rounded education for their children.