As someone who has worked in the field of education at all levels now for over 8 years, it is with great confidence that I can say the teachers at Tarbiyah are exceptional educators. Providing a loving atmosphere for all the students is perhaps one of the most valuable qualities. Also, treating each and every student with dignity and respect.

I have watched my son (who had great anxiety about starting school) enter kindergarten as a shy and reluctant boy, transform into someone who loves going to school and who loves to learn. I believe this is due to Tarbiyah’s positive teaching approach and the time and effort put into lessons that make it enjoyable and engaging for students to learn.

Teachers truly treat all the students as though they are their own children. Perhaps this is what makes them exceptional. They teach with a sense of responsibility and commitment to students knowing that the children of our Ummah are not other people’s children, rather, all of our children, investing in them with knowledge of deen and duniya, as all parents invest in their children.

I feel blessed that my son is a part of the Tarbiyah family.