As any parent, I was apprehensive of my son in school. My concerns were if I should I put him in public school, a private Islamic school or was there another option? Alhamdulillah, when the opportunity for my son to attend Tarbiyah’s program presented itself, I was so grateful. Why? Because my son is in a program that is a cross between school and being at home, thus he is comfortable and happy when he is there. The teachers are warm yet professional. It provides him with a different and more individualized program that combines Islam and education in such a way where Islam is not a course, but a way of life. His love of Quran has grown, as has is motivation to learn surahs, and at the same time he is starting to read as well! He has the best of both worlds alhamdulillah! With a few tweaks here and there, this program will be well on its way to becoming a sought-after alternative.