About Us

Tarbiyah Learning was established in 2010 with the sole purpose of providing an alternative to the standard schooling options for Muslim families in North America. One which fosters not only a strong academic foundation within each child, but also a unique method of teaching Islamic principles which our children are required to know and practice. The key focus of Tarbiyah Learning is to facilitate a positive learning environment in which students develop the love of learning from a very young age.

Our Teachers

Cultivating that environment with low student-teacher ratios provides a much more involved and foundational learning experience for the students. At Tarbiyah Learning, we take pride in knowing that our curriculum not only meets the accreditation standards of Ontario but excels beyond them. Students are taught in a fashion which allows them to learn at their own pace, in diverse groups, and be taught by more involved and dedicated educators of the community. Tarbiyah Learning provides our students with the very best in academics in relation to the Holy Quran as the pinnacle of our alternative North American education. Please also read about our learning philosophy and our methodology.