Asad Choudhary

Asad Choudhary is currently the principal at the London Islamic School and is also a co-founder of Tarbiyah Learning, an Ottawa-based private school. He graduated from Carleton University with a Major in Psychology and minor in Mathematics, and completed his B. Ed at the University of Ottawa. Asad also pursued his Masters in Education with the key focus on the Psychology of learning and using innovative technological means inside classrooms and online environments. He is currently working on his Doctorate in educational leadership. Asad has been an educator for a number of years in Canada and in the Middle East; making teaching and learning one of his key passions. Through this passion, he also co-founded Tarbiyah Leaning; a small school which fosters a positive learning environment for students of all ages by providing the individualized attention each student needs. Asad is involved with many Muslim youth programs and is frequently invited by various organizations to conduct workshops and lectures across Canada, including the Muslim Mind workshop for educators and administrators in today’s schools.