Canadian Islamic Leadership

Tarbiyah Learning Academy is pleased to offer the Canadian Islamic Leadership Program for Grades 5 to 8.

Leadership skills play an important role in the overall success of individuals and communities alike. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has informed us that everyone is a shepherd who will be accountable for their flock. This implies that everyone will be a leader in some capacity, at some point in life.

Leadership qualities are widely coveted by employers and are essential for any career. Furthermore, in the coming decades, the need for Muslim leaders who understand Canadian culture and values while possessing a strong Islamic identity is likely to grow. This program will prepare students for the future by introducing them to fundamentals in four broad areas, giving them the knowledge and training needed to grow into successful Muslim leaders:

  • Leadership Traits from an Islamic Perspective
  • Islamic Spirituality & Character Development
  • Islamic History
  • Islam in Canada

The program will feature workshops by experienced guest lecturers from within the Muslim community, who will also serve as positive role models for students. The concepts taught will be reinforced throughout the year in the classroom and beyond, giving students the opportunity not only to learn important concepts but actively apply them as well.

Tarbiyah Learning’s Canadian Islamic Leadership Program will automatically be offered to all students in Grades 5 to 8, at no additional cost.

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