Our Methodology

The vision of Tarbiyah Learning is to have young Muslims develop a strong foundation of knowledge in all subjects through the proper understanding of the Holy Quran. Our vision for the children extends beyond academic success in this life. We need to show them how to reach for the highest success of all; Jannatul Firdous. We recognize that academic success cannot be confined to just letter grades, but rather success comes out of honing the skill-sets of young children and making them dedicated learners throughout their lives. The most precious gift one can give a child is not just materials and subjects, but instilling a love of, and interest in learning itself.

Tarbiyah learning offers a very unique method of learning. Classes are small in number and various age groups are placed in the same classroom working individually, as well as in groups, to learn the subjects taught. Based in Ottawa, Tarbiyah Learning uses the Ontario curriculum to teach the core subjects which are necessary for the students to progress from grade to grade. However, the center of the learning stems from the Glorious Quran. There is an emphasis in teaching the Quran to the students and extracting all the various sciences which God Almighty speaks about in this Book. Tarbiyah Learning will generously allocate more time for reciting, memorizing, and understanding the Quran.