Middle Elementary Program (grades 3 to 6)

Tarbiyah Learning, in it’s middle elementary program, is committed to providing the best possible education to children from grades three through six. Our classrooms consist of grades 3/4 and grades 5/6. With a hybrid of individual and group learning, students are promoted to master the skills and knowledge required, as opposed to rushing them through under a ‘one-size-fits-all’ classroom. Because of our high quality approach, and fine attention towards each student, it is not uncommon for a young student to advance to the next curriculum in the middle of the school year.

Beyond our dedication to a quality learning experience, Tarbiyah Learning promotes the full use of the Quran in our education with daily memorization studies per day – first thing in the morning. A strong emphasis is put on the memorization and reading of the Holy Quran, as well as extracting the various sciences taught in the Quran.

Other subjects explored at Tarbiyah Learning, as per the Ontario Curriculum, are Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Core French, Classical Arabic, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, and Art. We also train our students with leadership skills such as public speaking, poetry, social/life skills, and adopting an Islamic morale in behaviour and personal ethics.

Tuition: $465/month

List of Supplies

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  • Daily Quran memorization with proper tajweed by reputable and qualified teachers.
  • Using the Ontario Curriculum with additional resources for mastery of each subject.
  • Low student-teacher ration in every classroom.
  • Multi-leveled classroom environment
  • Group instruction and individual mentoring throughout the day.
  • Third term Swimming Program by certified aquatic instructors
  • Dynamic educators who engage students in the learning process
  • High standards of Islamic ethics and conduct, demonstrating values which reflect principle-centered leadership.