Principal Ghazala Choudhary

Ghazala Choudhary received her Bachelors in Social Studies from the University of Ottawa and her Bachelors with honours from Carleton University. She has also completed both her Bachelors and Masters of Education at the University of Ottawa. She is currently the principal at Tarbiyah Learning.

Ghazala’s love of teaching began over 15 years ago, when she became heavily involved with the Muslim Youth of Ottawa and more specifically, when she began teaching at the Ottawa Islamic School. Following that, she moved to Windsor, where she also taught at An Noor School. She then moved to Doha, Qatar, where she homeschooled her two children and taught kindergarten at a Canadian school in Doha called The Hayat School. Ghazala has a strong passion for Islamic education in North America and around the world and is also dedicated to the cause of cultural acceptance in the Ontario and Canadian school system.