My daughter gave the ultimate compliment any teacher can get when she said that her home room teacher is the best teacher that she has ever had! Everyone at Tarbiyah, from the principal to the teachers, are very caring and dedicated and they are always trying to help their students be the best that they can be. The small class sizes are a HUGE advantage as it allows the teachers to really get to know the students and provide for more individualized attention.

My wife and I found the staff at Tarbiyah to be very responsive to whatever concerns or questions that we had regarding our daughter’s educational needs and aspirations throughout the year. As a result, my daughter has flourished in the nurturing environment there and is looking forward to continue studying there next year. It is very comforting to know that our daughter is in a safe, nurturing and Islamic environment of learning. I will not hesitate to recommend Taribiyah to anyone who is looking for a great Islamic school alternative for their child’s education.