Br. Taemoor

Since my daughter enrolled in this program she’s a lot more motivated to complete the Quran. She set a goal to complete the Quran before grade 12 due to the enc

Kindergarten parent

Tarbiyah Learning has the most caring teachers I have ever seen. I never have to worry about dropping off my daughter every morning – I know she is in the best of hands Ma Sha Allah.

Upper elementary parent

Taribyah Learning has allowed my kids to not only learn the material, but to excel to ther highest potential

Lower Elementary Parent

My daughter has attended Tarbiyah Learning’s program this year and I can say that Tarbiyah is just like a family! It is a warm environment with a low student/teacher ratio, which allows for more learning oppotunities for children. The teachers are creative and Islam is part of every school day. Thank you to all Tarbiyah staff and keep up the great work!

Lower Elementary Parent

My 4 year old daughter really enjoys her 1 hour Quran class. I was having trouble getting my daughter interested in learning the Quran by myself, but now that she is learning the Quran with other children her age she really enjoys reciting her Surahs with me. The Quran program is very age appropriate with activities that keep her engaged.

Quran Program Parent

As any parent, I was apprehensive of my son in school. My concerns were if I should I put him in public school, a private Islamic school or was there another option? Alhamdulillah, when the opportunity for my son to attend Tarbiyah’s program presented itself, I was so grateful. Why? Because my son is in a program that is a cross between school and being at home, thus he is comfortable and happy when he is there. The teachers are warm yet professional. It provides him with a different and more individualized program that combines Islam and education in such a way where Islam is not a course, but a way of life. His love of Quran has grown, as has is motivation to learn surahs, and at the same time he is starting to read as well! He has the best of both worlds alhamdulillah! With a few tweaks here and there, this program will be well on its way to becoming a sought-after alternative.

Lower elementary parent

The greatest benefit for me are the mixed ages in a classroom. It has helped my children to be confident and learn beyond what is required in a grade. In Quran, they have progressed so much – on one hand helping those who know less than them and on the other hand, challenging themselves to achieve more from those above them. I couldn’t ask for more!

Elementary Parent

JazakAllah khairun for all the help and hardwork you are doing for all students. I am really happy that ALLAH SWT has blessed my daughter with wonderful teachers..Alhamdulillah she really enjoys every class !

Lower Elementary Parent

Tarbiyah Learning has the most caring teachers I have ever seen. I never have to worry dropping off my daughter every morning – I know she is in the best of hands ma sha Allah!

Lower Elementary Parent

It has been such a blessing to have my daughter in such a wonderful school. I feel that she has made so much progress and has many great friends, teachers and a wonderful support system at Tarbiyah. Her recitation is coming along much better then I ever could have expected and this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the dedication from her teachers.

Kindergarten Parent

I initially was somewhat apprehensive to enroll my daughter in Tarbiyah because I knew that she needed extra help and hands on engagement in order to maximize her learning. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for the progress that she has made at Tarbiyah. I love her teacher’s sincere and caring approach to learning. She is always excited and willing to use various teaching strategies to ensure her students’ success. The class sizes are small, making this possible and giving the teachers more time to spend with each student. Although it is a small school, the benefits are huge!

I am very happy and pleased with the education that my children are recieving at Tarbiyah. As a student in the Bachelor of Education program I see the difference in the level of commitment and dedication that Tarbiyah teachers and staff put forward. The school is like a family with all members caring and ensuring success of those involved. I love the Islamic and Quran education that is incorporated into the lives of the students attending. I would recommend this school to those who are seeking a well rounded education for their children.

Kindergarten, Elementary and Grade 8 Parent

Tarbiyah has made a difference in my son’s life and in my life. I love the close-knit family environment it offers and this makes me feel comfortable sending my son there every day because I know he’s in good hands. My son loves the school and his awesome teachers who give him and his classmates the genuine care and attention they deserve. May Allah bless all the staff and teachers’ incredible efforts! I look forward to sending my daughter there too inshaAllah!

Kindergarten Parent

My daughter gave the ultimate compliment any teacher can get when she said that her home room teacher is the best teacher that she has ever had! Everyone at Tarbiyah, from the principal to the teachers, are very caring and dedicated and they are always trying to help their students be the best that they can be. The small class sizes are a HUGE advantage as it allows the teachers to really get to know the students and provide for more individualized attention.

My wife and I found the staff at Tarbiyah to be very responsive to whatever concerns or questions that we had regarding our daughter’s educational needs and aspirations throughout the year. As a result, my daughter has flourished in the nurturing environment there and is looking forward to continue studying there next year. It is very comforting to know that our daughter is in a safe, nurturing and Islamic environment of learning. I will not hesitate to recommend Taribiyah to anyone who is looking for a great Islamic school alternative for their child’s education.

Grade 5 Parent

The first time we saw Tarbiyah, it was open house night. The teacher greeted us with such a warm demeanour and took our daughter by the hand to give her a tour of the well-decorated room. She gave her a little memento of the visit; a popcorn bag with a paper saying “Thanks for popping by!” Our daughter loved it, and became really excited that this was her class and that was her teacher.

Ever since that night, the exceptional staff at Tarbiyah continue to maintain high standards. Whenever we have any questions or concerns, they always make themselves available to address them. Tarbiyah is constantly striving to stay up to date with the latest educational methods, and the teachers use innovative tools and sites to help them teach in a variety of ways. They are also very mindful about the type of field trips they take, and the special presentations they bring to the school, in order to provide the children with a diverse experience.

The atmosphere is friendly, engaging, and overall spectacular. I dare you to leave Tarbiyah without a smile on your face. Our daughter learns so much more than we ever expected. All this is accomplished without an excessive amount of homework. She has the time to be a kid, but miraculously is excelling in reading, writing, math, science and memorizes practically a surah a week.

Yes, we would (and have!) recommended Tarbiyah to a friend!

Lower Elementary Parent

As someone who has worked in the field of education at all levels now for over 8 years, it is with great confidence that I can say the teachers at Tarbiyah are exceptional educators. Providing a loving atmosphere for all the students is perhaps one of the most valuable qualities. Also, treating each and every student with dignity and respect.

I have watched my son (who had great anxiety about starting school) enter kindergarten as a shy and reluctant boy, transform into someone who loves going to school and who loves to learn. I believe this is due to Tarbiyah’s positive teaching approach and the time and effort put into lessons that make it enjoyable and engaging for students to learn.

Teachers truly treat all the students as though they are their own children. Perhaps this is what makes them exceptional. They teach with a sense of responsibility and commitment to students knowing that the children of our Ummah are not other people’s children, rather, all of our children, investing in them with knowledge of deen and duniya, as all parents invest in their children.

I feel blessed that my son is a part of the Tarbiyah family.

Kindergarten Parent

I came to Tarbiyah Learning Academy because I wanted the best possible education in this city – a school that matches my high standards.

Private schools, like Tarbiyah, go above and beyond the Ontario curriculum. Not only does my child excel in reading and math, but also in Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies, mashaAllah.

I personally know many of the teachers well and admire their work ethic, passion and true genuine love for their students. This school is a hidden gem in the city and alhamdullilah I am proud to be part of the Tarbiyah family.

Kindergarten Parent

Since my daughter enrolled in this program she’s a lot more motivated to complete the Quran. She set a goal to complete the Quran before grade 12 due to the encouragement of her peers and teachers. The teachers are very caring and want her to excel! She never had a true liking for Math or Science, but the teachers really instilled the love for learning. I truly appreciate all the hard work that was put into this program.

High School Parent